Sunday, March 13, 2011

New York City Part II

I don't think that I posted about going to New York the first time (in fact, I'm almost sure of it) but I will still call it part II because it is for me.

That being said, sorry for the hiatus and I will be getting back on the wagon coming up as often as possible. I want to make sure that this doesn't stagnate so I will be working as diligently as possible to keep it updated.

In other news, after the trip and I get back to free wifi (shouldn't it just be free everywhere by now?) I'll begin posting the still images and some video clips from the trip periodically. The end goal is to have a body of work to make a "fusion" piece (God, how I hate that term) of photo and video set to music with a little narration. I have it kind of mapped out in my head so maybe it won't be the mess I'm fearing it could be!

That's all for now folks, I'm using the blessed free wifi in the airport and will be out of internet "contact" for a couple days! Wish me luck!

Check back for photos and stories of the trip!

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