Monday, January 24, 2011

The Art of Manliness - A Must for Any Man

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The Art Of Manliness website is quite possibly the greatest website I have ever had the pleasure of stumbling on in the wild west of the interwebs. It is an invaluable resource for any man and the source of a lot of inspiration and just down right good things to think about.

The site focuses on, you guessed it, "Reviving the Lost Art of Manliness" and it does it in such a clear and concise way that you would be sure it's your father or grandfather giving you advice on how to become a better man. The content strips away the modern perceptions of what men should be and focuses on returning the title of being a "man" to the days of well dressed gentlemen and the fine art of being truly manly.

Reading through the topics has really given me a lot to think about over the last couple days and it has inspired me to refocus my efforts in becoming a better person, a better man. It may all sound like a load but I truly think that we have lost something of what it means to be a man and it makes it harder and harder for men to be what they need to be. We have a world that tells us to "embrace our feelings", "discover our selves" and be more "in tune" but what we should be doing is focusing on what makes us, us.

The site offers a lot of great articles like, why you should go to a barber (a real barber) and why some of the fashions for gentlemen should never be lost.

I realize this is just a quick post and site review but I encourage any man to go check this out and see if it helps you like it helps me.

The Art Of Manliness

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