Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Marblehead - A Weekend at the Lake

Welcome back!

This past weekend I spent some time at a family friend's up on Lake Erie and it was the perfect time for a couple of shots!

All in all I spent most of the weekend with the camera, unfortunately the weather and my lens choices limited the quality of my photos. I took nearly a 1000 frames over the weekend, (kind of a slow weekend for me) and I wasn't inspired by a lot of the frames. But luckily there were several that I did like and I did a little post processing on them.

Over the weekend there were several places we hit up and got a chance to take some photos. Saturday we saw the Black Swamp Wildlife Refuge (that is close to the name but may not be totally correct, I'll fix this as soon as I get my notes in front of me again). It was the time for some bird photos but I didn't have a long enough lens in the kit. I took just the 18-200 I just bought and have been trying to force myself to get used to using it and what it can and can not do so I'm not terribly upset. I learned that length is a limitation on that lens! Not a bird lens... but otherwise I really enjoy this lens and have some impressive photos from it on pretty much the first week I've had it.

Later that night from the deck of the condo I shot a couple frames with long exposures. I was using a bulb (well technically a wireless remote) for about 15 second exposures out over the water. The condo sits about 2 miles from Cedar Point which you can see all of from the deck so originally the plan was to shoot the park during the night. But unfortunately the park isn't totally open yet so it was pretty dark and didn't work as I had planned. But as soon as I shifted the composition to include the marina behind the condo I started pulling off some great shots. I think one of them really was successful and it'll be up here as soon as I get back to the main desktop. (I'm sitting on campus right now). I'm also going to upload a look at Picasa 3's photo collage function and what I think I can do with it. I have a specific idea I want to do with it and you'll see it later. It's a project I've been wanting to try and finally have the opportunity! But that's about it for now enjoy the couple I have on here and wait for more to come!

Here are the photos as promised!!!

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